Powers of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a way to ensure that the people you trust will be able to take important decisions on your behalf if you become mentally or physically incapable of doing so for yourself.

While LPAs are most often used to deal with the affairs of the elderly, if they are prepared much earlier in life they can give the same protection in the event of incapacity as a result of illness or accident.

You can choose to create an LPA in relation to either your Property & Affairs or Personal Welfare, or to both.

Personal Welfare

This covers all decisions in relation to your health and social care. It can only be used when a person has lost mental or physical capacity.

It includes the following areas:

  • where an individual might live
  • day-to-day care
  • consent to medical treatment
  • arrangements for medical treatment to be provided
  • arrangements for assessments, such as in relation to nursing services
  • the refusal of or consent to life-sustaining treatment.

Property & Affairs

This covers all decisions in relation to the management of finances. In this case, individuals can authorise attorneys to make decisions on their behalf even if they still have sufficient mental or physical capacity, if it is more convenient to do so.

It includes the following areas:

  • arrangements for investments
  • withdrawals of cash
  • payment of bills
  • sales of property.

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