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It can be difficult to plan for your death, especially when discussing this subject with your loved ones.

The laws surrounding Wills and probates can be difficult to navigate, and unless you get things right, your family could face issues after you pass away. Our Wills and probate solicitors in Chichester can support you with all Will and probate matters to reflect your wishes and protect your interests.

At SMR Solicitors, we appreciate how tough these conversations can be. We offer sensitive and empathetic legal support, helping you to consider what’s important. We will always educate you on the relevant processes so that you understand your options and what to expect.

We have expertise and ample experience across all aspects of Wills and probate law, including handling estates, offering tax advice, guidance for setting up trusts, and more.

Our team of specialist solicitors can offer help and advice across a range of matters, such as:

  • Wills and estate planning advice
  • Drafting your Will
  • Applying for Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration
  • Advice on Will execution
  • Representing an estate executor or administrator
  • Assistance valuating the deceased assets
  • Calculating and making payment of inheritance tax and other debts
  • Emptying and selling the deceased’s property and other assets
  • Preparing detailed estate accounts
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

We take pride in offering our clients proficient Wills and probate advice in Chichester, tailored to their individual needs and circumstances. Our lawyers will take the time to assess the particulars of your situation, ensuring that we address your concerns at every stage.

With our highly accredited legal team on your side, you’ll have the reassurance that your wishes are being met and that your legal needs are fully accounted for.

We believe in fees that suit everyone. For this reason, we provide flexible funding arrangements to suit your circumstances.

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Our Wills and probate services in Chichester


Unless you have a valid Will, your estate may not be administered as you would have liked when you pass on. There’s plenty to consider when you are drafting a Will, and many of these matters can be confusing and difficult to decide upon.

Our Wills and probate solicitors in Chichester can guide you to make key decisions about what to do with your assets and who your beneficiaries will be. We can advise you on what to include and ensure that your Will is properly drafted to prevent disputes in the future.

Find out more about our Wills services in Chichester.

Probate and estate administration

Probate and estate administration can be a challenging and arduous task to carry out. The associated processes can often be lengthy, and there can be serious consequences if you get things wrong.

Rest assured, our expert team can help you to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible. We can provide clear guidance through every stage of administering an estate, or we can handle the whole process for you.

Find out more about our probate and estate administration services in Chichester.

Inheritance tax planning

When you pass away, you’ll want to ensure that your loved ones receive the maximum possible value from your estate. Inheritance tax planning services can help you to reduce the amount of tax that will need to be paid on your estate so that you can transfer the highest amount possible to your beneficiaries.

Our expert inheritance tax planning solicitors in Chichester can support you throughout the entire inheritance tax planning process.

Find out more about our inheritance tax planning in Chichester.


Trusts are useful for a number of different reasons. They can be used to protect assets, to reduce the amount of inheritance tax you pay or to transfer money to your children once they’ve reached a certain age.

We can offer advice and support with all different types of trusts, supporting you to make the best decisions for your future and the future of your family.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

There may be a time in the future when you are no longer able to manage your own finances and health. Setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to appoint a deputy to make these important decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so yourself.

If you’d like to protect your future interests, our Lasting Powers of Attorney solicitors in Chichester can offer expert guidance, assisting you in choosing a trusted person and setting the correct benefits and limitations.

Find out more about our Power of Attorney services in Chichester.

Court of Protection

If you’re supporting a loved one who no longer has the mental capacity to make their own decisions, you have the option to apply to the Court of Protection to gain the authority to legally assist them.

Our Court of Protection solicitors in Chichester can assist you in putting adequate provisions in place to assist your loved one who needs help. We can guide you to complete a deputyship application and offer legal advice on your duties as a deputy.

Find out more about our court of protection services in Chichester.

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Wills and probate explained

What is Wills and probate?

A Will refers to a legally binding document that establishes how you would like your assets to be distributed when you die. It may also be used to determine how your children will be cared for when you are no longer here.

‘Probate’ refers to the process of dealing with a person’s estate once they have passed away, it includes collecting their assets, selling any property, paying debts and inheritance tax, and dividing the assets between the chosen beneficiaries.

Failing to draft a Will and arrange probate matters means that a person’s estate will be administered by state officials in a way that may not reflect the deceased’s wishes.

Wills and probate law can be complex, which is why it’s important to have an expert team of lawyers behind you.

Do you have to go through probate if you have a Will?

If an individual has a Will in place, it is usually still necessary obtain a grant of representation. However, there are still a few exceptions where a person may not need a probate, for instance, if the deceased persons’ estate is valued at under £10,000.

How long does it take for a Will to go through probate?

Every estate is different, and so it is difficult to determine just how long a Will takes to administer. Factors that may affect the time frame include whether or not there are any disputes regarding the Will. However, the average is approximately 9 months to one year.

Our Chichester Wills and probate solicitors’ fees

We take pride in guiding our clients on Wills and probate law in Chichester, using competitive and transparent prices. From the beginning, we’ll make sure that you are fully informed of our legal fees for your case, as well as any third-party fees where necessary.

For straightforward Wills and probate matters, our solicitors can offer fixed fees, meaning that our prices will be agreed on beforehand and that these will not change. If your requirements are more complex, we will agree on an hourly rate based on the level of specialism required.

Our expert solicitors are available to discuss the costs based on your individual needs, you can also refer to our probate pricing page.

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