Property Disputes

At SMR Solictors, we have property litigators with many years of experience in dealing with disputes arising from the ownership and occupation of property.

You may have bought your home and discovered that the previous owners failed to disclose the existence of a dispute with neighbours or misled you about the route or existence of a right of way. You may be involved in a dispute with your neighbour concerning the line of a boundary, ownership of trees or hedges, or the use of a shared driveway. Alternatively, you may own a buy-to-let property and have difficulties with tenants.

Much unhappiness can be caused by warring neighbours; disputes are never pleasant, particularly when you live next door to your adversary. An effective option can be to bring in an expert, independent adviser, who is often best placed to resolve these kinds of property disputes.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of disputes that arise between neighbours, particularly disputes concerning boundaries, adverse possession, trees and hedges, party walls, trespass, rights of way, rights to light, drainage, restrictive covenants, and  nuisance and anti-social behaviour.