Acquiring a Company

To acquire a business, you can either buy the shares of the company that owns the target business or simply buy the assets that make up the business.

Share purchase

You buy the whole company (including liabilities that you may not know about).

Asset (or business) purchase

You choose the assets that you want to buy. This approach provides more flexibility, but it can be complicated to identify and transfer the specific assets of interest.


Buying a ready-made franchise business is an appealing option, but what about any previous liabilities that may come with it or the small print in the sale agreement? All too often, people find themselves trapped in a deal with expensive products and no support from the franchiser. What if the franchise doesn't live up to expectations? Can you get your money back? At SMR Solicitors, we can give you advice on all the common issues associated with running a franchise, including employees, pensions and Intellectual Property rights.